Mens 2016 Winter Trends

With just a month or so until Winter, now is the time start planning looks for the cooler weather. While you don’t have to be a crazy runway fanatic to look as though you stepped right off the runway, we know of a few men's fashion trends that will work for almost any taste and budget.

Bomber jacket: A classic style jacket made popular in the 70’s and 80’s following eras of war. Previously worn by military pilots during times of war when they were flying without an enclosed cockpit, these jackets have withstood the test of time–your dad might even have one of his own hidden in his closet. Neutral colours are a popular choice; think military–navy blue, olive green, or even crisp white which are suitable for a sleek and expensive look overall. Bomber jackets also rang in a variety of low end (H&M, TopShop) to high end (Tommy Hilfiger, Jason Wu) brands making it a great addition to your winter wardrobe.
Wool jacket or blazer: Wool outwear is another popular men’s winter fashion trend for 2016. It’s a solid staple for any wardrobe as it comes back in style every few seasons. Wool is ideal for winter because of its durability, warmth and polished look that gives it an overall look. Dress it down with a wool jacket with a beanie, t-shirt, and jeans or dress up a wool blazer with dress pants and a collared shirt.

Relax or Wide-Cut Trousers: Think relaxed yet sophisticated. Skinny jeans are slowly making their way out the door this season with a more comfortable and relaxed trouser in for 2016. Think wide-leg bottom (not bell bottoms) with classic colours like beige, black, and grey being the ideal trend for men this winter. Fabrics style and prints vary between plaid, pinstripe, corduroy and traditional cotton.

As cooler weather approaches, trends are focusing heavily on 70’s and 80’s throwback styles with traditional bomber jackets, wool coats, and reinvention of the bell bottom, now wide-cut trousers. Ideal for any occasion these pieces will have you on trend this winter.


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