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The Sports Coat

Posted on July 04 2016

The sports coat unlike the full suit, is to be worn at a number of casual to semi-formal engagements.  A few examples of these occasions are: a night at the movies, a fine dinner evening, and yes, even a sporting event such as the name would imply. 

The difference between a suit and a sport coat isn’t just the missing trousers, you will find the sport coat uses more sturdier and robust fabrics, such as corduroy, suede, denim, leather, and tweed that usually adheres to a more active outing.  Some will have a very defined fitted look, while others will appear to be more relaxed allowing one to partake in physical activities without the worry ruining their clothing or having restricted movements.  So a sports coat isn’t just for sporting events, but a whole number of casual to semi-formal engagements.

With the sport coat you aren’t restricted to what you wear with it.  A casual pant, simple tennies, or suede dress shoes will do just fine, it’s all up to you in this comfortable, but sleek coat.

So, don’t shy away from looking your best this year. Find yourself a Sports Coat and unlock your style potential!

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